UGCS Certificate Authority

The UGCS CA certificate is located here and can be verified by SHA1 fingerprint 8C:D7:15:F3:A2:C7:00:87:14:C9:14:DA:0D:F9:6A:7D:D6:6C:94:06 and is signed by the UGCS sysadmin PGP key (2B2198BF)


The UGCS sysadmin PGP key is located here and has key id 2B2198BF. It is signed by Elizabeth Fong (FBDDD2A4).

UGCS Sysadmin PGP Keys

The current sysadmins' personal keys are:

UGCS SSH Hostkeys

Here you can find the host keys used by our machines for SSH. We recommend that you download the complete list, pgp-signed, check the signature with GPG, and then add it to your list of known hosts.